Most recent branding projects, made for clients working in various industries.

Culturgrama is a culture promoter project, based in Portugal.

Lostroom Portugal is a escape room located in Lisbon, Portugal. The company asked for the redesign of their previous branding, which derived from their former owners in Barcelona.
The logo mimics a different themed rooms shaped like the map of Portugal

i-Vente is a culture and show agency in Madeira, Portugal.

O Comércio de Massamá e Monte Abraão is a local newspaper, in Massamá, Portugal.
The logo reflects the local council flag.

Ragdoll Media is the brand used by Tiago Cardoso Pinto in the British events photography market.
The branding was created around the idea of Ragdoll cats, the team's favourites.

Synsta is a British IT startup.

7.7 – a Telefonia da Rede is an online radio station which broadcasts from Portugal to the rest of the world.

Vértice is a unique musical project, from Madeira, Portugal.
The band's music joins the lyrics of local poets with the compositions of Tozé Cardoso, traditional instruments from the islands along more mainstream instruments and the voice of actor António Plácido Ferreira.

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